Health & Welfare Monitoring

JSR Genetics is a major supplier of breeding stock and semen to customers in the UK and overseas, and our stock is recognised as having both high genetic merit and reliable standards of health and genetics.

Health & Welfare

Genetic merit can only by maximised with stable health and this applies equally to units supplying breeding stock and to commercial producers.

JSR Genetics knows that the health status of its animals is paramount. To ensure this, our senior consultant veterinary surgeon, Adrian Cox BVetMed MCRVS of the Garth Partnership supervises the Health Monitoring Scheme aided by the professional support of over 30 veterinarians.

Many of the veterinarians engaged with the JSR Health Monitoring Scheme are members of the Pig Veterinary Society. JSR have supported the PVS for several years and fully concur with the aims and roles of the Society in maintaining high standards of pig husbandry and welfare training.

To satisfy both the UK and overseas customers' health requirements each sale is reinforced by this regular monitoring and supported by the offer of veterinary liaison between the company's veterinary consultant and the customer's private veterinary surgeon.

Biosecurity is an essential aspect of maintaining a stable health status and is an integral part of the JSR Health Monitoring Scheme. In addition to being assessed at each veterinary visit, each unit is a member of the JSR Genetic pyramid of DEFRA Approved Sources, and is assessed regularly by DEFRA veterinary officers for confirmation of ongoing high standards of biosecurity.


The company health programme has been constructed with the objective of ensuring consistent and high standards of health throughout our nucleus, multiplication and grow-out units to provide assurance of that health status to our customers through rigorous and regular monitoring of every farm.

Key Points

Diseases Monitored

All herds are continuously monitored to establish their health status with reference to the following specific diseases:

Monitoring undertaken:

  • Quarterly Health Visit
  • Quarterly abattoir examination
  • Lung examinations
  • PRRS samples
  • Nasal swabs
  • Assessments for internal parasites
  • Mange assessments