Taste Panel

At JSR, we recognise that animals not only need to perform on farm, but also need to give an exceptional eating quality experience to the consumer. Taste Panel was established to undertake research for retailers and food producers as well as being used as an invaluable test bed for our own products. Located near our head office in Southburn, a trained taste panel provide food analysis services to the food industry on a variety of products from cheese to bacon to chocolate.

Trained Taste Panel

Our trained panellists assess your food product in a controlled environment ensuring minimal environmental bias from light, sound or packaging.

Consumer Panel

Our trained panellists assess your food product in a group environment where they can discuss their thoughts and opinions, all sessions are digitally recorded.

Board Room Tasting

We bring our software to you, producing an immediate non-biased report on your board room tasting sessions.

Texture Analysis

We provide objective results that are statistically analysed.

Technical Support and Services

i.e pH, Colour Score, Drip Loss, Cooking Loss and additional quantitative analysis.

For more info contact us at fqc@jsrplus.com or 01377 227796