Genetic Progress in the TN70

JSR Genetics TN70

Stronger sows, increased piglets per litter and more efficient finishers

Genetic progress in the L-line and Z-line nucleus populations at Topigs Norsvin is constantly improving, with progress on JSR units following closely. These two dam line breeds make up the TN70 sow, with the same genetic improvement expected to be seen on customer units in the next 5 years.

Taking the whole animal into consideration during breeding and selection through the balanced breeding approach has contributed vastly to the improvement in many traits, which combined have led to this impressive genetic progress.

The four main points of genetic improvement over the last 5 years in the TN70 at TN nucleus level are detailed below:

* 1 extra piglet weaned per litter

The genetic trend for born alive per litter has improved by 0.75 piglet, the number of still borns per litter decreased by 0.2 and pre-weaning mortality decreased by 2.8%.

All of these trends combined resulted in a genetic trend of 1 extra piglet weaned per litter.

* Increased sow longevity

To coincide with higher production levels, sow longevity has also increased as the TN70 sow becomes stronger and produces more litters of piglets in her lifetime.

* Daily gain increased by 75g/d

Genetic improvement has led to a 75g/d increase in daily gain in the finishing pig alongside improved carcass quality leading to an overall more efficient and profitable slaughter pig.

* 16kg less feed in finishing pigs

Genetic progress has led to a reduction in feed required for the finishing phase of pig production by ~16kg per pig. This shows that the modern finisher pig has improved feed efficiency, meaning lower production costs and a lower overall environmental impact for the unit through lower GHG emissions.

This feed reduction is based on a Tempo x TN70 cross breed.


All the genetic progress detailed above will continue to improve at nucleus levels and will be realised by our customers over the next 5 years.

Try the Tempo x TN70 today to boost efficiency and profitability on your farm!