Impressive numbers to shout about!

JSR Genetics Pig

Impressive born alive and weaning numbers from JSR Genetics’ TN70 crossed with the TN Tempo Sireline

In the last couple of months we have had some seriously impressive numbers coming through from our customers!

One of JSR Genetics customers was over the moon to break their record of born alive piglets, hitting a remarkable 17.5 born alive over 141 litters!  Another of JSR Genetics customers have had some exceptional weaning numbers coming through.  An average of 15 pigs per litter were successfully weaned over the last 6 months, with one particularly impressive week reaching 15.5!

These numbers were achieved by crossing some of JSR Genetics’ key products, the TN70 gilt with the TN Tempo sireline.


The TN70 – the only Gilt you’ll ever need

The TN70 is renowned for her exceptional mothering ability.  She has a large number of teats meaning she can produce large quantities of milk for large litters of piglets.  JSR Genetics guarantees a minimum of 14 teats per sow, with many having in excess of 16 functional teats.  This coupled with her good maternal instinct means she can produce large litters of piglets which are strong and healthy.

Find out more about why we believe the TN70 is the only gilt you’ll ever need read this story.


The TN Tempo – the weapon in our armoury

The TN Tempo  is a Large White based sire line with a strong focus on growth, feed, conversion and robustness traits.  The TN Tempo’s offspring have an inherent tolerance to disease challenges which is why it has earned the strapline ‘the weapon in our armoury’.  The TN Tempo is bred for superior and uniform growth performance to a high slaughter weight.


JSR Genetics is powered by Topigs Norsvin, the world’s second largest pig genetics company with an impressive annual research and development spend of €31 million.  This partnership allows us to bring the very best in pig genetics to our farmers, enabling them to achieve results to be proud of.

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