Innovation and Excellence

State of the Art Facilities

JSR Genetics has lead the way in genetic improvement and selection for many years. Experience, research and state of the art technology and facilities has resulted in 2 exemplary AI Studs, strategically placed in the UK to improve bio-security. JSR Genetics semen undergoes numerous quality control checks throughout each process and procedure.

High Health

JSR breeding stock is recognised as having both high genetic merit and consistent high health standards. Genetic merit can only by maximised with stable good health programmes. Our Consultant Vet, Adrian Cox BVetMed MCRVS, of the Farm Vet Practice supervises the Health Monitoring Scheme, aided by the professional support of a highly experienced team. To satisfy JSR’s customers' health requirements, each sale is reinforced by this regular monitoring and supported by the offer of veterinary liaison between the company's veterinary consultant and the customer's private veterinary surgeon (vet to vet).


Biosecurity is an essential aspect of maintaining a stable health status and is an integral part of the JSR Health Monitoring Scheme. The company health programme has been constructed with the objective of ensuring consistent and high standards of health throughout our nucleus, multiplication and grow-out units to provide assurance of that health status to our customers through rigorous and regular monitoring of every farm.

Coolink Courier Service

Coolink is our award winning, technologically advanced courier service; exclusive to JSR Genetics customers. Our aim is to bring the customer peace of mind that their AI will be delivered in the very best condition – which will aid in achieving optimal results. Our team of professional and experienced drivers deliver the AI using state of the art, temperature controlled fridges, which provide a minute by minute record of temperature during transit.