Large White

The JSR Large White dam is a strong, robust and prolific dam line that has been successful across the globe. The JSR Large White dam line has been part of JSRs success across the globe and is renowned for its reliable and manageable performance. Contributing as one half of the cross into the JSR Genepacker 90 gilt, the high yielding output coupled with its smaller mature size and hence lower maintenance requirements compared to other genetics means greater profits for pig producers wherever they are in the world.


The JSR Landrace Dam is a strong, robust and prolific damline that has been successful across the globe. Contributing equally to the JSR Genepacker 90 and JSR Genepacker 150 F1 parent gilts, this animal is the very foundation of our successful females, performing across a range of farm environments. Selected and known for prolificacy, it is also widely recognised for its temperament, mothering abilities and capability of rearing the large litters that it produces. The JSR Landrace is the most productive dam line and is developed using information collected across the entire JSR pyramid.

Genepacker 90

The JSR Genepacker 90 is our most prolific F1 indoor gilt produced from a first generation cross between our JSR Large White and JSR Landrace dam lines. This parent has an outstanding reputation compared to the competition for prolificacy, longevity and lower input requirements thanks to a smaller mature size. Compared to our leading competitor, the JSR Genepacker 90 produces an extra 4.6 pigs born alive per sow per year, representing a valuable boost to your productivity and profitability. This is combined with up to 29% more sows surviving to parity 4 and 33% more sows surviving to parity 6, as demonstrated in independent trials compared to competitors' parent sows. The resulting lifetime profitability means the JSR Genepacker 90 is a prudent choice for pig production businesses planning a financially sustainable future.