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JSR Genetics new TN Duroc line set to rival any Duroc in the market

JSR Genetics

The TN Duroc has been developed over several years and is now ready to take the UK by storm.  The new terminal boar, the TN Duroc promises improved:

  • Feed efficiency
  • Robustness
  • Carcass value
  • Superior meat quality


Sales Director Giles Christie states, “The TN Duroc is the only Duroc that will deliver you more full value pigs”.


JSR Genetics Ltd are partnered with Topigs Norsvin, a Dutch company which is the global leader in high-tech and data driven pig genetics with a strong position on innovation.  They have an extremely impressive 110-year genetics track record covering 56 countries, with a staggering annual Research & Development spend of €31m.  With this amount of time and investment their new product, the TN Duroc, is definitely worth taking some time to consider for your business.


Bred from real Viking roots, the TN Duroc genetics originate from Norway, hence the eye-catching Viking pig which you may have seen in our adverts.  Selection intensity has been based on four key factors; growth rate, feed efficiency, robustness and meat quality.  The TN Duroc allows the production of affordable, sustainable and delicious pork through genetics which are naturally robust.



Stephen Waite, JSR Genetics Managing Director states:

“Both JSR Genetics Ltd and Topigs Norsvin have sustainable pork production at the heart of our businesses.  A balanced breeding approach takes the whole animal into account during breeding and selection.  Creating more robust animals which are less susceptible to disease, have a lower use of antibiotics and ultimately lower mortality leads to higher animal welfare as well as economic benefits to our farmers and crucially a better future.”


Trials prove TN Duroc can deliver results

JSR Genetics Ltd via our partners Topigs Norsvin have undertaken lengthy trials across Europe and the USA showing that the TN Duroc will deliver between +0.8% and +3.6% more full value pigs at slaughter.  Add to this an increase of between +0.1% and +0.9% in carcass yield, the combined delivery results in an impressive +£1.08 to +£5.56 margin per finished pig (€1.22 to €6.31).


Growth rates are strong for the TN Duroc.  Daily gain has been improved by +212 grams per day over the last 6 years of selection.  Pigs can reach market quickly and more efficiently saving the farmer time and money on feed costs and labour.  Feed efficiency has been improved over the same time period by -0.25 points.


The TN Duroc is bred for strong immunity and robust health, reducing the risk of disease, and ensuring pigs are healthy and thriving.  Robustness is the key quality bred into the TN Duroc, making it the leading Duroc for survivability.


The Duroc breed is renowned for the quality of its meat and the TN Duroc more than withstands this statement.  Bred to produce meat with superior marbling fat than the industry standard it delivers more succulent juicy pork which is more tender and flavoursome.  Topigs Norsvin studies using the TN Duroc have shown that the intramuscular fat levels were up +0.3% over a standard slaughter pig.


Giles Christie, Sales Director states: “Pigs in the trials consistently had a lower culling and mortality rate from TN Duroc offspring versus competitor Duroc lines.  The trial concluded that full value pigs were up +3.6% vs. the competitor animals.  The trials also deduced that TN Duroc offspring had consistently higher carcass yields, resulting in up to +0.9% killing out percentage.  More pigs and more meat resulted in up to £5.56 more value per finisher than the competition.

This really is the Duroc that delivers you more full value pigs.”