Maximising earning potential on contracted slaughter pigs

JSR Genetics Topigs Norsvin finisher pigs

Weaning weights to write home about!


In our last article we wrote about some very impressive born alive and weaning numbers from one of our customers.  Now we want to present some very impressive average growth weights and FCRs (feed conversion rates) which you could replicate in your units and maximise your earning potential on your contracted slaughter pigs.

One of our customers has shared with us some numbers from their latest batch of finishers which were from the JSR Genetics’ TN70 gilt crossed with the TN Tempo sireline.


Here are some key stats from their batch of 1,950 pigs:

  • Average weight going into the finishing building was 29.6 KG and the average dead weight was 99.35 KG.
  • Growth on unit was +1,070 g/day with an FCR of 2.25.
  • Growth from weaning to slaughter was +902g/day with an FCR of 2.17.

I’m sure you will agree these are numbers to be proud of!  The TN70 crossed with the TN Tempo is a great combination producing strong healthy and robust pigs, and the numbers do speak for themselves.  It is always worth investing in the best genetics for your herd as well as in an environment in which the animals can thrive.


JSR Genetics is powered by Topigs Norsvin, the world’s second largest pig genetics company with an impressive annual research and development spend of €31 million.  This partnership allows us to bring the very best in pig genetics to our farmers, enabling them to achieve results to be proud of.

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