TN70: The Best Sow in the World

With a title like this comes high expectations, but how does the TN70 sow meet sustainability requirements?:

Mothering Ability, Fertility and Sow Longevity

The TN70 sow has a large number of teats allowing her to produce high quantities of milk. This, coupled with her good maternal instinct, allows large numbers of strong, healthy piglets to be weaned per litter with high weaning weights. The TN70 overall is an easy to manage, profitable sow for producers, capable of producing many large, healthy litters.

Birth Weight

Litters produced from the TN70 sow are made up of uniform piglets with high birth weights. These piglets are strong from birth, stimulating them to quickly find the udder to take in the first colostrum for further strength and immunity.


The TN70 sow and her offspring are strong, resilient against diseases and free of congenital defects. They have a strong body and legs for a long, productive life.

Finishing Performance

Piglets produced from the TN70 sow have outstanding growth performance and high efficiency. This has an enormous benefit for the producer and subsequently the environment with fewer resources needed for production and a lower carbon footprint.

Carcass and Meat Quality

The TN70 produces offspring with lean carcasses and good meat quality; the perfect raw material for both fresh and processed meat products.


Try the TN70 today to see the benefits on your farm