Sireline AI

TN Tempo

The TN Tempo is a Large White based sire-line with a strong focus on growth, feed conversion and robustness traits. It is the industry’s number 1 boar for robustness with its offspring having inherent tolerance to feed and disease challenges. This sire line is bred for superior and uniform growth performance to slaughter weight.

Key product advantages:
  • Strong piglet vitality
  • High carcass quality
  • Exceptional growth in all situations
  • Large, strong litters at birth
  • High appetite without compromising efficiency
  • Low costs of production
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TN Duroc

The TN Duroc has been years in development and launched in 2023 and rivals any Duroc in the market. The sire-line aims to deliver improved feed efficiency, increased robustness, a better carcass value and superior meat quality. Bred from real Viking roots in Norway the TN Duroc allows the production of affordable, sustainable and delicious pork through genetics which are naturally robust.

Key product advantages:
  • Robust piglets
  • Maximum carcass yield
  • Increased marbling fat for superior eating quality
  • Strong growth rates
  • Strong immunity
  • Robust health
  • Delivers more full value pigs
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JSR 400

The JSR 400 is a Hampshire based sire line sourced from stock raised without the use of antibiotic growth promoters since 1986. The result is an animal which breeds progeny with low levels of mortality due to improved levels of immunity and high feed intake, leading to good growth rates.

Key product advantages:
  • Strong, fast growing piglets
  • Minimal medication requirements
  • Superior meat eating quality
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