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JSR Genetics Launches Webinar series: ‘Tea Time Talks’

JSR Genetics are launching a bi monthly webinar series called Tea Time Talks. A collection of 30 minute Q & A sessions following a variety […]

Topigs Norsvin Winter Online Magazine

Our partners, Topigs Norsvin have released their winter Online Magazine. The winter edition is about meat quality and the work of the Topigs Norsvin Meat […]

JSR Tastepanel Brings Consumer Preferences to Breeding

Meat-eating quality is becoming more important. It is a differentiator for processors and retailers to set themselves apart in the market. The JSR taste panel […]

Semen Doses: The Technological Drive from Quantity to Quality

All of us are the result of a single successful sperm completing a long and hostile journey to fertilise an egg. Every pig on the […]

The Tempo Contributes to Labour Efficiency and Easy Production

Running a farm with sows, finishers, and an arable enterprise with limited labour can be difficult. The robustness of the Tempo makes it possible to […]

JSR Farming Group Set For 2040 Carbon Neutral Target

At JSR, we are keen to minimise our effects on the environment. We already have many of our own sources of renewable energy as well […]

JSR Farming Group Helping to Safeguard the UK’s Bees

Mark Evamy of Woldgate Honey keeps over 250 million Bees on eight of JSR’s farming sites across Yorkshire during peak season. That is 4 bees […]

Balanced breeding works: Every extra piglet born is also weaned

Recent farm data from Norway shows that the number of liveborn piglets born per litter has improved by 1.1 in the four years (2015-2019). The […]

JSR Genetics Ltd export high health breeding pigs to India

In February 2020, JSR Genetics exported 262 Great Grandparent Gilts and Boars to India after winning a major tender in May 2019 to supply breeding […]