The TN70 sow is based on the L-line (Landrace) and Z-line (Large White). The TN70 combines the best of both worlds: prolificacy, weaning ability, and sow stayability with a top contribution to finishing pig quality. The TN70 produces large litters of strong, uniform piglets that excel in fast, feed efficient growth and carcass quality.

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The TN70 is perfect for the most demanding pig producers that are driven by efficiency and profitability, with balanced breeding and a real farm to fork approach, focusing on product efficiency, carcass value and meat quality. She is adapted to modern systems and bred for the improved welfare systems of the future. The versatility of the TN70 means she is suitable for production under a wide range of conditions including both indoor and outdoor systems.

The Perfect Sow for both Outdoor and Indoor Production Systems

JSR Genetics