TN Duroc: our first set of results are in!

TN Duroc boar from JSR Genetics

The TN Duroc: For Ultimate Duroc performance

In 2023 JSR Genetics launched a new terminal sireline the TN Duroc.  This new line has been developed over several years by our genetic partner Topigs Norsvin, the world’s most innovative pig genetics company.  It promises improved feed efficiency, increased robustness, a better carcass value and superior meat quality.

Our Sales Director Giles Christie states: “The TN Duroc is the only Duroc that will deliver you more full value pigs”.


The TN Duroc Results are in:

At JSR Farms our first batch of TN Duroc pigs have now been through our finishing units, and the final performance results are in…

We are impressed and we think that you’ll be impressed too!

TN Duroc JSR Genetics 1st Batch Results


Ruptures at a minimum for the TN Duroc

From this full batch of 1,932 pigs we had only 12 pigs (0.6%) with ruptures over the finishing period.

“We are very pleased with these performance figures.  The low rate of ruptures is also very encouraging, only 0.6% is a great result!  Ruptures are a problem we often hear about within the industry for the Duroc breed.  We hope that the TN Duroc can be a good solution for this.”

Giles Christie, JSR Genetics Sales Director


If you would like to reflect these results in your own herd then please get in touch with our sales team today and we’d be more than happy to discuss the TN Duroc and its merits in more detail.

We have more batches coming through our system so will keep you posted through our news page or on our Facebook, Instagram, X and LinkedIn channels.